9 Men Morris (first 6 photos) is a strategy game from ancient times. Easy to learn, fun to play! These are some samples of what I have made; Medieval, Celtic, Renaissance, Pirate, and more. They are all unique, and I can burn almost any design onto any combination of wood.

Ordering a Game

To order a game, please fill in the Name and Email boxes, then type "Game Inquiry" in the subject box. Please include the game type, and a brief description of the design. I will contact you to discuss further details as soon as possible.


Pricing for custom orders is based on complexity of the game and design.


Payment can be made through Paypal, personal check, or money order.

Contact:                      (802) 473-0557              

© 2020 by Andy Van Ness. All rights reserved. All designs and photographs by Andy Van Ness.

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Wooden Dice

$10 each. Hickory, Oak, Ash, and Hop-hornbeam.