Incense Burners

Made entirely by hand using jigs and special cutting tools. The brass insert eliminates any risk of fire, and also holds the incense sticks upright to catch the falling ash. Every burner has a felt base. The patterns shown and named below are those that I currently have to offer, but I am open to any custom design. Many locally available hardwoods are offered for your choice.


Order an Incense Burner

The images above are samples of patterns I may still have in stock. I do, however, welcome custom design ideas!


To order an incense burner, please fill in the Name and Email boxes, then type "Incense Burner" in the subject box. Please include the name of the design and the wood type. I will contact you to discuss any further details as soon as possible.


All incense burners are $50.


Payment can be made through Paypal, personal check, or money order.

351 Ledgewood Lane, Hinesburg, Vermont 05461

(802) 482-5407                        

© 2018 by Andy Van Ness. All rights reserved. All designs and photographs by Andy Van Ness.

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