Pricing varies greatly depending on:


1. Intricacy of headpiece*

2. Choice of wood species**

3. Size: large or small


*For example, the solid cutout Triple Goddess and Horned God thrones are $675 each, whereas the carved Falcon throne was $875.  Both were done in pine. It's all about how much time I need to do the artwork. Relief carving a design is labor intensive, yet more striking.


**Pine (a softwood) is the most affordable and readily available wood species to obtain, though less desireable for intricate carving. More desirable hardwoods (such as maple, oak, and cherry) are of course available locally, yet command higher prices. 

Ordering a Throne

To order a throne, fill in the Name and Email boxes, then type "Throne Inquiry" in the subject box. Describe your wood choice, preferred size, and a brief description of the headpeice design. I will contact you to discuss and finalize further details.

351 Ledgewood Lane, Hinesburg, Vermont 05461

(802) 482-5407                        

© 2018 by Andy Van Ness. All rights reserved. All designs and photographs by Andy Van Ness.

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