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About Me - Andy Van Ness

In my youth I spent most of my free time, (as well as much of the time I was expected to be elsewhere, like school or church), adventuring, exploring and creating wooden artworks, out in "The Woods", as I called the nearly 100 acre woodland I was privileged to call home. While I was out there by myself, I never felt that I was alone. I felt loved, safe, welcome - that I mattered. I hadn't known then what "spiritual connection" meant, or "spiritual anything" for that matter. But a few years ago that sense of belonging I experienced as a kid began to make sense. 


Speaking on the details of how this newly discovered Pagan belief manifests in my life would not be appropriate here. As for how it affects my working style, I can say that it comes from "A Reverence for Wood", (taking liberty with the title of that fabulous book by Eric Sloane). Hopefully this comes through in everything I make, from the smallest custom box to the largest cabinet or table. Still, I will pore over every detail in those objects as well, often to the chagrin of those who would sooner accuse me of "over-doing". In fact, during the days of making and selling my work at Renaissance Faires, it became known that if anyone went beyond what was deemed "good enough", they were said to be "Van Nessing" it. I took this as a compliment, and still do - it must be seen in the result that what I have taken the time to do has gone beyond mediocrity, which I see all too often as the accepted standard in many aspects of society. For me, "good enough"... rarely is. And I've seen monumental piles of... that. 


Someone once said, "A thing worth doing is worth doing well." I couldn't agree more. If I'm going to create something that has never existed before, you can be sure I'm going to put heart and soul into it. And usually a bit of blood. No, really.


So tell me - what can I make for you? What thing have you imagined having that is not available from the internet, or elsewhere? What is it that you truly WISH for?

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