Wooden Cuppery

Wood Types

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Handles are doweled to ensure against breakage.

Alcohol safe, leak proof acrylic interior finish.


Hand wash with regular dish soap, and do not use abrasive scrubbers.


Tankard (large)

Plain   ··································   $95

Woodburned   ·····················   $120

Mead cup (medium)

Plain   ···································   $50

Woodburned   ······················   $65

Bumper (small)


Custom Work

I will work with you to design your very own custom wooden cup. I can woodburn almost any design you can imagine.


Please email me to order a tankard. Specify the size of cup, type of wood, and design you want.

I always welcome custom designs. 

Contact:                      (802) 473-0557                        andy@vannesswoodcrafts.com

© 2020 by Andy Van Ness. All rights reserved. All designs and photographs by Andy Van Ness.

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